Total confirmed cases (by week, 2015)


There were 3 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) reported in the week to 9 August: 2 in Guinea and 1 in Sierra Leone. The total number of confirmed cases for the previous week (week to 2 August) has been revised up from 2 to 3, after one confirmed case from Tonkolili in Sierra Leone was added retrospectively...Read More

Data Source: World Health Organisation.

Alobe Trela

Meet Alobe

Alobe is a 15 year-old active young boy who takes neatness seriously and is always conscious of happenings in his environment.

Meet Zara

Zara is a smart, intelligent 15yr old girl who is friends with Alobe and Alex. A tomboy at heart, she nevertheless is curious and takes no nonsense.

Meet Alex

A 16yr old funny guy and friend to AlobeTrela, Alex is known for his restlessness and weird behavior

The Comic

Alobe Trela is a comic series featuring three central characters (Alobe, Zara and Alex) as they share adventures and uncover health secrets unknown to many of their peers.

Launched by Ebola Alert during the Ebola Outbreak in Nigeria, Alobe Trela was created as a means of keeping the children health conscious and allaying their fears about public health conditions

Alobe Trela is set using many interesting scenarios that children can readily identify with and as such is much loved by children all over the world

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