We are the glue for Command and Control structure in Ebola Emergency ResponseTM

What We Do

Ebola Helpline

The Ebola Helpline is a call center service that provides accurate,
real-time information on Ebola to the people who need them.
Services offered by the Helpline include: FAQ management,
informing health authorities about suspected cases for follow up,
rumor management.

Ebola Check

The Ebola Check is a revolutionary self-check app that enables
people to ‘check’ if they are at risk of or have the Ebola disease.
Developed as a solution to the fear of Ebola and the misinformation
surrounding Ebola, the App helps thousands assess the risk of Ebola
disease in easy steps.

Ebola Chat

A weekly social media chat aimed at educating people as
well as dispelling rumors on Ebola disease. This service
caters to thousands of people on Twitter and played a key
role in maintaining an informed populace
during the outbreak in Nigeria.

How We Do It

Ebola response in Africa has been plagued by problems of high cost, sluggishness, misinformation and lack of trust between the affected people and intervening bodies. (Image from presentation or similar version) Using a simple model and the services of a highly dedicated team of experts, Ebola Alert provides a low cost, fast and coordinated solution to the challenge of Ebola awareness and emergency response. This ensures timely delivery of solutions to the target audience (Individuals, Health Providers and Organizations).


Having arrived at over 50 million impressions in a short space of three months using social media, call centre and Web-enabled technologies, we have decided to take the Ebola response initiative to the rest of Africa. Our goal is simple: Reach and Engage 1 Billion Africans in 2015